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Prestige Branding

You are proud of your company and your brand.  You spend countless dollars every year on branding, both internally and externally.  As such, you should have your very own custom app without the expense and headaches of developing in-house!  With our exclusive “prestige branding” program, you will have your own custom-branded app in all of the popular app stores including Apple, Google, Blackberry and Windows.

What you get includes:

custom-branded app
    • Your own custom-branded app

    • Your own branded website url for app building and back end reporting

    • Your own custom-branded app icon

    • App updates and support  

    • Front line technical support
    • The world’s top rated platform of it’s kind for all of your business intelligence needs


Buy versus Build

Why build a custom application, when for a fraction of the cost you can have your business integrated within a few months or weeks from today.  Save hundreds of thousands of dollars by using a custom branded version of our multi-million dollar platform!



 custom-branded app

 business intelligence system


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