SafeWorker® Mobile

Our mission: To provide you with the world's leading mobile solutions platform, converting your current paper based system into a high-velocity business intelligence system.


NO MORE PAPERWORK.                      

  • Save time on paperwork
  • Save money on paperwork
  • Improve decision making abilities

SafeWorker® Mobile Solutions is the first and only truly paperless Data Management System in the world. With SafeWorker® Mobile, you can eliminate paperwork forever!

SafeWorker® Mobile automatically:

  1. Formats your reports
  2. Communicates the information to all pertinent parties
  3. Sorts, files and archives all safety documentation instantaneously


How Does It Work?

SafeWorker® Mobile utilizes your current technology infrastructure, with our exclusive platforms to make your Complete Business Management System universally available to all of your executives, management team, supervisors and field workers.  Our system even works for your subcontractors!


Mobile Business Solutions Benefits:


  •   Capture real data from the field
  •   Distribute data and action items to multiple recipients simultaneously
  •   Sorts and files all documents automatically
  •   Represents data and trends on user dashboards
  •   Significantly reduces and in some cases eliminates paper administration

mobile business intelligence platform

Is it expensive?

SafeWorker® Mobile is extremely economical, especially compared to the cost of paper based management systems. Did you know:

  • It costs a company $25,000 to fill one four drawer filing cabinet?
  • It costs over $75 for an employee to fill out one form and submit it for review?
  • To replace a lost document costs over $225?


Is it hard to use?

SafeWorker® Mobile makes filling out forms easier than ever before. Anyone can learn the system in mere minutes. If you can send a text, you can use the SafeWorker® Mobile Solution.


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