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Complete Business Intelligence 

At Safeworker®, our mission is to provide you with the world's leading technology, and convert your current paper-based management system into a high-velocity information loop.

Safeworker® is an Alberta based company, servicing hundreds of organizations from around the world with unique and effective business intelligence solutions. From training to management systems to technology, SafeWorker® is revolutionizing every industry, specializing in safety. Whether you are a small business or a fortune 100 company, we have the services and professionals to assist you with your business objectives.

At Safeworker® , we are the industry leader in integrating and implementing mobile technology into any organization's business system. We provide high-tech services and easy to implement solutions for businesses looking to make their company as efficient as it can be. 

Safeworker® is not software, and is not an app; Safeworker® is a robust, agile platform that will allow your business to evolve by turning your input into outcomes that meet your objectives, and improve your bottom line.  Using powerful forms and real-time data management solutions, we can help you standardize the language of your business, stopping loss on all levels through the power of clear communication.

We view every relationship with our clients as a strategic and tactical partnership, and as such, together we nurture a winning network of customers, suppliers, and independent consulting firms....... all knowing that together we create mutual and enduring value. 


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mobile business intelligence
mobile business solutions
"SafeWorker® Mobile is the only way to manage health and safety. Stacey's team made it easy to get started and it works better than expected. What an amazing system."

Adam Schweitzer
Maverick Concrete Ltd

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